2 images for t-shirts with photoshop ready colors

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I want to create a t-shirt line about restaurant life.

The two images will be exactly the same. The only thing that will change are the words in the bubbles.

The image will be easy because I want to use stick like figures like the ones I have attached. The basic image is of a large restaurant table that has 10-12 people around it. The table is set with glasses, plates, napkins, etc.. All of the guests are looking at the server who will be standing at one end of the table. The server should have an apron on and an order book in his or her hands, ready to write.

The first image- The bubble above the server will contain the words, "Can I start you off with a beer or a glass of wine?" Each guest will have their own bubble above their head. I want some of the bubbles to contain the words, "I want a water with lemon" and "I want a water". In addition, I want 1 bubble to say, "I want a water, no ice", and another bubble to say "I need my water to be room temperature"

The second image- The bubble above the server will contain the words, "Is this all on one check?" The bubbles above each guest will say, "Separate"





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