Illustrate from a Photo, But Let Your Creative Juices Flow

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  • 賞金: $45
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  • 優勝者: souhail5


I’m looking for an illustrator who can redo, improve, modify and restyle the attached photo into line art.

Generally, I want to keep the style simple, a line based vector image with clean lines using mostly blacks and greys.

The final product should “hint” that there may be something secret going on inside this person’s body preventing them from losing weight. The idea here is to create a lot of curiosity and make them question and wonder what that secret thing might be. I have included a file showing some samples of work. Notice in #6 that the pink highlights cause you to stop and try to figure out exactly what’s going on. This type of curiosity is exactly what I hope to create.

• I would like to create a pattern interrupt so that when the viewer looks at the image, immediately something grabs them and makes them think, “Hm. I wonder what this is about.”
• It should create an incongruity (an inconsistency) in the person’s mind, making them feel like there is something about this image that doesn’t quite make sense. It could hint at something sexual or weird or scary that maybe their subconscious mind notices, but consciously they think that maybe they’re just reading into it too much. We’re trying to confuse them and make them more curious about the image.
• Make it feel like there’s some kind of story about the image — hint at the story without actually giving away the story.
• I like to include highlighting with arrows, something circled or highlighted with colors (like in the attached) or maybe some small graphic which looks scientific in nature. It’s purpose is to draw attention and create contrast, conflict, curiosity, and incongruity, etc.
• Don’t have arrows pointing to any body part. And the woman’s body should be neither too fat nor too skinny…just an average body weight.

Please make slight modifications to the body position, clothes, etc., so we don’t run into copyright infringement problems. I don’t think this would be an issue because you’re free to draw anything but why not play it safe? We still want to preserve the basic feel.

Please give me your absolute best deal for restyling the attached images. Our current business plan will require numerous images and we would truly like to find an artist we can work with consistently.
• We need a transparent vector image.
• We will need the source file, preferably an AI
• We need all rights to the image
• We need a high resolution PNG file of 1200 x 628 pixels.




“Wonderful attention to detail. Will hire again.”

プロフィール画像 intsavvy, United States.




  • NikolasSarkar
    • 10ヶ月前

    sir check #2 , thanks

    • 10ヶ月前
  • vijayrai1989
    • 10ヶ月前

    Will you accept a high res PSD file?

    • 10ヶ月前
    1. intsavvy
      • 10ヶ月前

      Yes, I will. Thank you

      • 10ヶ月前


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