Illustrate Adult Stories for Me

  • ステータス: Closed
  • 賞金: $50
  • 受け取ったエントリー: 20
  • 優勝者: zuart


I'm starting a website that offers relationship and plot-based explicit content to readers. As part of a paid membership I want to offer readers the opportunity to see short stylized story-boards that depict the action of the plot. They'll also be able to submit their own story ideas.

Illustrator must obviously have an art style compatible with romantic depictions and be comfortable creating explicit content.

This would be ongoing for the right candidate. I'm thinking single-page graphic summaries of chapters would fit, and I have a standard template concept already. Open to ideas from the artist to make content as appealing as possible.

Please design a 1-page story in your artistic style. Submission does not need to be explicit, but for actual commissioned work only artists comfortable drawing explicit content will be considered.



“Looking forward to working with you more in the future.”

プロフィール画像 storyporn, Canada.




  • storyporn
    • 8ヶ月前

    I didn't even realize this board was here until just now - thanks for everyone that submitted!

    • 8ヶ月前
  • nugrahanugraha
    • 8ヶ月前

    Please extended,,, i just know this contest earlier ...:(

    • 8ヶ月前
  • AgustinaSofia
    • 8ヶ月前

    I really want to know more about the kind of audience you are targeting for. If you look for what is considerated more vanilla, or more "experimental" kind of content

    • 8ヶ月前
  • adalbertoperez
    • 8ヶ月前


    • 8ヶ月前
  • laramesanza
    • 8ヶ月前

    Hi this sounds like a really cool contest and idea,I just wanted to ask a couple of questions so that I ( and the rest of the illustrators) create something that fits the brief better.

    • 8ヶ月前
    1. laramesanza
      • 8ヶ月前

      What is your target audience? is it mostly male, female? what i mean is, will you want very graphic imagery, or something a bit more stylized an erotic novel, where its more " soft". Do you have a prefered style in mind? sketchy, colorul, white? it would really help. thanks

      • 8ヶ月前
  • jackiekavinda
    • 8ヶ月前

    when you say 1 page story, does it include 1 drawing or several like a storyboard? also if you could attach a story you have it'd be easier to get an exact idea of what you're looking for

    • 8ヶ月前



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