I would like to hire a Logo Designer

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  • 優勝者: TheCUTStudios


Company Name ; LondonMeetsToronto
Bussiness name ; LMToronto Events
Event Logistic Coordinator

Logo ideas - skyline of London, UK and Toronto, Canada - include in one skyline.

I would like the skyline to be reversible in black on a white background. No color just black and white or grey scale.

Very clean sharp lines, basic outline but clear what building these are.
Building that can be included but doesn't necessarily have to include all of them.
London: The Eye( Wheel), Tower bridge, Shard, Gherkin, St. Pauls
Toronto : CN Tower and Rogers center

Please feel free to add in buildings if you feel they are needed

Text can be included in the logo but the design is what i am focused on most.
This logo needs to be clear enough for business cards, email signatures, letter heads and logo stamps to be made also to be used for watermarks for Instagram posts.
Looking for a simplistic look



“It was great working with Sher A, originality they came out with really stood out for me. I had a number of changes which Sher A. made sure this was done in a timely manner. I could trust that Sher A would deliver! A huge thanks and I very much enjoyed working with you ! ”

プロフィール画像 LMToronto, Canada.




  • LMToronto
    • 1年前

    Please can it be an outline instead of a block skyline, please incorporate both London skyline and CN tower and roger center from Toronto

    • 1年前
  • TheCUTStudios
    • 1年前

    please check #27

    • 1年前
  • atifjahangir2012
    • 1年前

    what do you want in logo Company name or event name?

    • 1年前
    1. LMToronto
      • 1年前

      LondonMeetsToronto - as company name

      • 1年前
    2. atifjahangir2012
      • 1年前

      thanks for your feedback

      • 1年前



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