I need a logo designer

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Create a name based logo for my business CBB ELECTRICAL LTD,
“CBB” and ”LTD” must he capital but LTD could be a smaller than the rest of the letters as to no stand out as much. I would preferably like a font that looks good when everything is in capital

Creative liberty can be taken on anything, as it is named based i would like something done to the CBB maybe incorporate things that are electrically symbolic eg lighting bolts on the B’s, colour scheme would be yellow and black or blue and silver or just yellow or blue as i could put them on a grey or black background such as a t-shirt.

Very crude almost embarrassingly bad idea i made on my phone attached along with some other images i pulled from the internet



“Great to work with super quick response time and understands exactly what you want ”

プロフィール画像 CBBelec, United Kingdom.






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