Head image to graffiti style caricature.

  • ステータス: Closed
  • 賞金: $40
  • 受け取ったエントリー: 9
  • 勝利者: JackVeda


Turn the head / neck [to red v-neck] image provided into a graffiti sticker-like caricature.

Images provided for inspiration; do a very quick google search of "graffiti stickers."

Also, think graffiti style, sticker icon, face as logo, bold lines, solid pop colors.

Attempt to keep the original facial expression and structure, and, emphasize, 1) Gold Tooth, 2) Green Eyes 3) Two Eyebrow Cuts 4) Blonde hair

Project is for a hip hop mix-tape cover.

[ [ [ 1 [ The first attached image = [url removed, login to view] is my very basic idea like template ] ] ] ]

[ [ [ 2 [ The last attached image = original [url removed, login to view] is the original photograph ] ] ] ]



“Put in extra work to win contest. I originally envisioned a different final result in terms of style but his artistic style enticed me and every instruction was followed exactly as I asked. Impressed!”

プロフィール画像 McKenzieV, Bahamas.




  • yurkorymar
    • 2年間前

    I'm working on it

    • 2年間前
  • mizpig
    • 2年間前

    please check #2

    • 2年間前


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