Great business needs you to design a great logo

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SEE ATTACHED for more briefing details. We needs a logo designed for a mobile app development company, the name of this business is Omnideveloper. Some of the words we use to describe this business are : High End, Bespoke, Premium, Clarity of communication. Our color Palette is going to be Black. In your bid, please put the word 'throat' in the title so that I may know that you've read everything in detail. I like Versace Type face, and other luxury brands because they put more emphasis on the type face rather than the logo//illustration/design and that conveys high end/premium which is the brand we're going for and we also want the same, put a big emphasis on the Type face and create a minimalistic logo on the left or on top of the type face. As for the small logo that will accompany the Typeface, we want it to suit the name of the business 'Omnideveloper' so it has to be something relevant to the 6 arms hindu gods 'see 'Screenie3'' but drawing a the whole thing will take away emphasis on the type face so it should be more simple and minimal, just 3 arms on the left side of the type face for example, you have some freedom to show your creativity as long as it doesn't violate the following guidelines:
- Emphasis on Typeface, simple small
logo/illustration/design will accompany the typeface and not the other way around.
- We like the Versace Type face.
- Color palette is Black.
- Logo/design/illustration should have some relevance to Omni and Developer as explained above and in the attached file.
-it has to go 80% typeface and 20% illustration/design
I will require the final photoshop or illustrator file for editing.
UPDATE1: Please see the new attached pictures for more information
Illustration/design/lineart or whatever you want to add with the type face needs to take about 20% and the type face must take 80%. the Illustration/design/lineart does not necessarily have to be on top of the type face, you may put it on the left.



“Good job; outlclassed everyone else in the contest”

プロフィール画像 briefing, China.




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