Emailing customers - exceptional written English. $10 trial job

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I am currently looking for a virtual assistant on an ongoing basis, with great skills in the written English language, research and organisation.

I operate a skincare business and I am currently propositioning retail stores in Ireland to buy and sell our product. I have created an excel spreadsheet with information of: name of store, name of owner, phone number, email, website and details of any contact we’ve had with the customer so far.

To this point I have been finding information about the shop, to write a short paragraph to them in the opening of an email. This is then followed later in the email by some information about my product and at the end offering a free sample. Being health stores, the owners generally seem to be health conscious women.

Your job would be to:
- work on one shop at a time - do some brief research to fill in any missing data from the spreadsheet about the shop being worked on e.g phone number, email address etc
- find out a little bit of information about the shop from the website or Facebook
- write a short paragraph to ‘break the ice’ with the retailer, at the beginning of an email

The spreadsheet will be saved on Google drive and the paragraphs written will be saved in drafts on a Gmail account. I will then look over the paragraphs written and send them off from there.

If this is something you would be interested in, I will be happy to put through an order for $10 to assess the quality and volume of your work. If all is well, I would like to hire you on a weekly basis.

Warmest regards,







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