Edit an EXISTING web based application (coding required)

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I have a website, which was supposed to be a web based application. Previous developer was super amateur therefore there are some bugs and certain things regarding the design need to be changed or corrected.

This is just the first version, further features will need to be added also IOS version and push notifications because of that we expect to continue working with the same person who can help us make these changes.

Again, this is an existing website (which was poorly done), we are not planning to pay another developer to start from scratch, just to make the required changes and hopefully depending on the quality of the job, continue to work on this project.

Website is: [login to view URL]

What is this application for?

We promote clubs and DJ's mainly. Each club and Dj has it's profile in which you can find information and pictures about them. The general idea is pretty basic and simple.

Main problem we are having?

Website don't look that bad, but image resolution is super bad. If you change from a desktop to your phone or tablet (or basically anything with a different screen size) everything looks bad.

Hi, sorry i know i did not provide much information at the beginning, here are all the details of what is needed.

1. Social media buttons are not working (Instagram, Facebook and twitter)
2. Images are not adjusting to different screen sizes. (Everything looks distorted, titles are on top of pictures etc).
3. Search bar looks pretty outdated and it shrinks when seen from a cellphone. (Please give a more modern look keeping the same colors) also when user clicks on any option (Club, DJ or Health and Insurance) it shows "Search results for dj" or "Search results for hi" (which is supposed to mean Health and Insurance), can you change that so it shows the whole word "Health and Insurance, DJ's and Clubs" also you can add a color to high light those words.
4. Titles and gallery design is pretty bad too and pictures are not loading. (Meet the bests and Upcoming events). It looks too empty and outdated, please feel free to improve the design. Something simple and modern. (Same apply for all galleries or when you click to make a picture full size)
5. Also a footer will be needed.
6. Inside the profiles, please move all the information (description, notes, additional info etc) and align it with the title (Star rating).7. Menu buttons are too big when looked from a cellphone so it covers a big part of the screen. Maybe make them smaller or that the user can move them around. Or maybe like a tool bar.
8. Improve social media buttons design (inside the profiles)
9. For the DJ's profile add an option to upload sound cloud links or even better a player so users can listen to what is uploaded.
10. When opened from a cellphone the log in screen is not locked, so users can slide down or left and it shows tons of white space, can that be removed so it looks like an actual app?

The design of the website itself is not the best. This app is for high end customers, therefore it has to look as good as possible.

This price is just for the initial changes, of course there will be a budget for additional features.



“Good communication and exc skills. ”

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  • msaber69
    • 1年前

    ok so I looked at your website and from the first look it is written in PHP and using a responsive web template. If the layout and the image / text "quality" is the problem, then there just might be a few tweaks that needs to be looked into the actual code itself. Since you'd not be hiring the original programmer, then it would take some time to actually study the entire website hierarchy and reverse engineer everything from there..

    • 1年前
    1. darrikengordon
      • 1年前

      Hi Mike thanks for your interest. Right now time doesn't matter to me (i already lost 2 months), as much as the quality. Also social media buttons are not working properly. If you need more details ill be able to provide them to you.

      Thank you.

      • 1年前
    2. msaber69
      • 1年前

      Hi, ok so I will give you a free consultation now, you need to secure an SSL certificate in order for Facebook to authenticate login via API. Right now the website does not have a valid SSL certificate. I'm not sure what entry I will submit though since your requirement is to debug and fix the errors in the web app.

      • 1年前
  • darrikengordon
    • 1年前

    Hi i just updated the description, in there you will see everything that is required.

    • 1年前
    1. mihainovac
      • 1年前

      Hi, Thanks for the update. As someone mentioned, the website is written in PHP, meaning the PHP code is not visible to us, we can only see the HTML. So we would also need the website files from the server to be able to edit. It's still possible to do some changes right now in the HTML, but the final file that we sent you will be HTML , not PHP, and it will not work properly.

      • 1年前



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