Design a Website for Music Store

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Must include all template images, html and css.

I want the design to be modern, futuristic, clean, professional, easy to read.
The store concept: Pay singers to sing a song.

Color Scheme: Blue, Black, White, Dark Grey.

A. Homepage:
1. User Login (Username, Password, Forgot Password)
Login with Facebook, Twitter,
2. Photoslider to browse famous artists:

Main Menu: Search, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy,

Advertisement: A place on the homepage for Advertisements.

Twitter Feed into homepage.

Music Player fixed to the bottom of the screen

Top Horizontal menu:
1. Country
2. Rock
3. Rap
4. Pop
5. Reggae
6. Skit (Comedy)
7. Athletes
8. Actors

Center of Screen:
1. Video Player
2. Description of website

B . User Login Page:
Design a user login area with the same theme

User Tabs:
Tab#1: Projects
Button to: Create a Project
New Requests

Tab#2: Profile
Includes all profile information, name, address,

Tab#3: Legal Info
A place to fill out the legal agreement with PaidVocals and upload signed form

Tab#4: Notifications
All messages sent from artists

Music Player at bottom of screen

Must include all template images, html and css.



“He designed and provided excellent html”

プロフィール画像 catchystyles, United States.






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