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we need to design a t-shirt for our company Rose Bear. We will sell them so we need a very good graphic design. We like unique and minimalistic designs.

Our websites: [login to view URL] and [login to view URL]

We're making rose bears and selling them worldwide. Here in the Czech Republic we are seen as a brand.
You can use logo and everything you need. I upload the logo in vector as an attachment. Use the logo of the head not the flower. You can change the font, it's up to you. Also you can use our motto "Redefine Love"

The winner will be our designer and will work with us long-term for a very good price.

I would like to see a t-shirt where the rose bears are small and over the shirt. Maybe you can use not the entire Rose Bear logo but just the head of the bear from "O" in our logo. We like designs like [login to view URL]
I want a serious minimalistic, unique design t-shirt not a paint for children. Please also include the back of the t-shirt. There can also be some nice designed included.

ALSO you have a FREE HAND so your creativity is limitless. And if you are brave enought you can try to make a hoodie or a sweatshirt. Maybe shoes as well?

Good luck

PS. Some designs we like:
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]







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