Design a template document and associated sticker for the back of a machine

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I am looking for a carbon copy template form to be designed for a type of test I perform as well as an associated sticker to attach to the machines I test. I have included an example template from another company as well as my company logo. I will be making the design into stickers for the machines being tested as well as a carbon copy similar to the uploaded one ( except with my own company logo and design template). Key Information that must be listed see below;

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"HEPA filtered Equipment Filter Performance Certification"
"This equipment has been tested to the minimum filtering integrity of 99.97% efficient for particles greater than 0.3 microns in diameter. This test is valid for the date and location where performed. Pure Air Solutions Services Ltd. is not responsible for any liabilities resulting in failure of the equipment after the date and location in which it has been tested. "

Company Name:
Test Number #:
Site Location:
Model Number #:
Serial Number #:
Pure Air Solutions Services Technician:

I like the forms where multiple units can be accounted for on one as displayed in the Abatement Tec upload.





  • Hmhabibur
    • 18時間前

    please check #24 and #25

    • 18時間前
  • adiannna
    • 2日前

    Hi! What would be the file types of the end documents (template and sticker)? Just an image, fillable pdf form, or a word/excel document?

    • 2日前
  • Nitingk1
    • 3日前

    Hi, the two files 1 and 3 don't have extensions and am unable to view the files. Can you re-upload the files with their extensions, or let us know what software opens those two files?

    • 3日前
    1. PASS2020
      • 3日前

      hello! thank you for notifying me! I uploaded. screen shot of the image, it is a similar form as to what I am hoping to create for my own company

      • 3日前


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