Design a logo in the shape of a turtle

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Design two images:
(1) A logo - A techy stylised fun graphical version of a turtle. (Feel free to draw inspiration from the images attached, but do NOT copy. Put your own spin on it!)
(2) Design the logo as part of an image - Create another image that shows many of these turtle logos from (1) stacked one on top of the other, like that quote "turtles all the way down." (Again, draw inspiration from the attached image, but put your own spin on it.)

Colouring should be blues (your choice as to which hue or colour palette).





  • Sa01715248205
    • 1週間前

    #12 I have designed this logo by working hard . this logo is in adobe illustrator file , so you can use it on any file formats , like PNG , PDF ,GIF , JPG , PSD . Hope you like this , Thanks. If you need any change please feel free to know me .

    • 1週間前
  • drevchuk94
    • 1週間前


    • 1週間前


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