Design a Logo for "The BirdDog Connection"

  • ステータス: Closed
  • 賞金: $20
  • 受け取ったエントリー: 12
  • 優勝者: asnan7


In Automobile Sales a "BirdDog" is a professional customer referrer, someone who sends pre-screened customers to a business in order to earn the referral fee. I need a logo for a company and website dedicated to providing information to professional birddogs. I need a logo that can be used in a 1" x 1" size and look good in a 18" x 24" size as well. There are no limits on what ideas, colors, or design types can be used. The logo should include the entire name of "The BirdDog Connection." Please make sure that any artwork has no copyrights, trademarks or intellectual property rights attached if you are using a pre-existing image.



“Awesome work, very quick response to any questions, suggestions, requests and inquiries. A pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Asnan7! Thank you for your design!!!”

プロフィール画像 ocasanova, United States.


  • jonnathanlucena
    • 8年間前

    check #27 plis

    • 8年間前
  • squirrel1811
    • 8年間前

    Check #9 plz

    • 8年間前
  • ravipratap95
    • 8年間前

    What image formats will you need?

    • 8年間前
    1. ocasanova
      • 8年間前

      Gif or jpg

      • 8年間前


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