Design a Logo for a Training Institute in UAE

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I need to design a logo for a company newly established in United Arab Emirates. The company name is "Manarat".

Business name: Manarat website is [login to view URL] (not yet developed)
I need to design a logo for a Training Institute Portal for Business and Technology training. Courses will be given by well-known Experts targeting Businesses and Students in the United Arab Emirates (mainly Dubai)
The logo is to represent a serious training training business for Management and Technology. It needs a formal look for the logo, yet creative.

The logo should reflect the following:
• Expertise
• Serious, Formal, lucrative
• Education, Training, …
Name meaning: The meaning of Manarat in Arabic is “Lighthouses” it reflects the embedded meaning that Training enlightens lives and advances careers. I want the logo to resemble those meanings.
Slogan: we will choose the following slogans:
Enlightening your present and future.
Colors: you suggest the suitable colors upon the above scope.
I would need 2 versions of the same logo, Colored and Black and White. Logo design should be totally "Flat" which suits the latest trends in Web Design. Please do not use any 3D effects or shadows in the logo. I need to review straight and flat versions of the logo, no tilted logos or 3D
A special characteristic font is to be used for both writing the company name and the slogan
I would need the original layered PSD logo in both versions (logo graphic in one layer, and text in the other layer), and original fonts used to write the name. I would also need a transparent logo. Also font files to be delivered

• It is essential that the logo designer understand the concept before making the design in order to have a winning design that easily and elegantly communicates the idea.
• Only original work will be accepted, I would not accept any imitations or copies for existing logos anywhere.



“Well done. Nice and creative logo”

プロフィール画像 khaledPromo, Egypt.




  • marcusodolescu
    • 2年間前

    #49 #50 Thank you.

    • 2年間前
  • lemmorgraphics
    • 2年間前

    please check 41 and 42 thanks

    • 2年間前
  • TheGraphicDesigner
    • 2年間前


    • 2年間前
  • khaledPromo
    • 2年間前

    The only one that I liked till now is the one with the symbol of the "lighthouse" . I would like to see different concepts for having lighthouses as the logo using different styles. I prefer the "sketch" or "abstract" type. The suitable colors in my opinion are a combination of the black, white, silver and Gold. Please do not use only black and white. The silver or gold is a must to have in the color of the logo

    • 2年間前
  • Particle
    • 2年間前

    Hi, only English !

    • 2年間前
    1. khaledPromo
      • 2年間前

      You can provide the logo in 2 versions if you want. One in English and the other in Arabic

      • 2年間前
  • johnmarry8954
    • 2年間前


    • 2年間前
  • NhanNguyenhp
    • 2年間前

    Please check my #12. Thanks

    • 2年間前
  • ralfgwapo
    • 2年間前

    please wait for my entry :)

    • 2年間前
  • MosAshraf
    • 2年間前

    check #3 and #4 and rate Thank you

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