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Name on Logo: Pitstop Learning or you can also try Pit Stop Learning
Slogan: Personifying Success
Company Description: We are behavioral enablers. We train people to success. At the Pit Stop we take the onus of preparing an individual with all the right ingredients to make it big in the corporate world. Our ideology is based on enabling individuals so they gain maximum worth from whatever talent that they have by further polishing their skills and inculcating key behavioral changes. We offer learning modules which cover all facets of an individual’s personality like Language, Personality grooming, Corporate etiquettes, Presentation skills along with simultaneous increase in basic knowledge structure. We also train individuals in the fields of Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship.
What Colour you Prefer: I prefer bright vivid colour which show the energy and youthfulness in the brand
Logotype: Youthful, Simple, Playful



“Thank you for the work. Great JOB!”

プロフィール画像 PPC Maestro, Canada.





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