Creating laser-targeted audience for google ads, youtube ads and facebook audience network

  • ステータス: Pending
  • 賞金: $150
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We would like to promote our face foundation targeted to women of color. We need someone to create few laser focus audiences for facebook audience network ads, google ads and youtube ads. See attached the broad criteria that we have.

Objective : Create 2 laser-targetedaudience per ad platform

Give us your recommendation in terms of how would you go about laser-targeting the audience to find brown to dark skin women, that are asian or black and love k-beauty or looking for a foundation their shade.

This is long term parternship. Once choosen, you will be selected to setup and run the ads.

WHAT I NEED FROM THIS CONTEST: Submit your recommended audiences targeting criteria for facebook audience network ads, google ads and youtube ads. Feel free to do research on which websites, keywords or videos the audience with the mentionned interests interact with. Two laser-targeted audience /ad plaform.

Winner will be chosen based on how precise and targeted their audience is.





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