Create YouTube Thumbnail Pictures Using A Template

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  • 優勝者: Chintogtoh


We need a very simple yet important job completing. We simply don't have the time to do this job so would love a freelancer to complete it to a high standard for us.

We would like someone to create a thumbnail picture for each of our videos on YouTube. Our YouTube account is: [login to view URL] There are a total of 31 thumbnails needed - this is a very quick job, with a template provided. All text on the thumbnails should be in capital letters and the font should be Play. Each video needs a still from the actual video. You should choose the still image to use - please print screen the video and use the person on the right in all of the still images (or the only person in the video).

There are a few different categories:
- Funko Pop
- Unboxing
- How To Play
- Warp Tunnel
- Bounty List

(These categories should be written in the same style as 'Warp Tunnel' with the shadow behind)

The name of the videos are as follows: (the names of the videos as shown below should be the same style as 'The Latest News'. The date should be removed on these ones.)

- Funko Pops
Star Wars: Rogue One
Marvel: Dr Strange
Marvel: Age Of Ultron
Power Rangers: The Movie
Marvel: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

- Unboxing
King Of Toyko & King Of New York
Stronghold 2.0
Survive! Escape From Atlantis
Game Of Thrones: The Board Game 2nd Edition
Ticket To Ride: First Journey
Champions Of Midgard
Ticker To Ride: The Heart Of Africa
Pandemic Iberia
Pandemic Legacy
Dead Of Winter
Colt Express
Runebound 3rd Edition
Cash 'n' Guns
Dixit & Dixit Odyssey
Codenames: Pictures

- How To Play
Mr & Mrs: Pocket Edition
Codenames: Pictures

- Bounty List
Top 5: Ticket To Ride Maps

I have attached an example and the template to this competition. Please submit the Guardians of the galaxy vol 2. thumbnail as an example. ([login to view URL])

The name of the few Warp Tunnel are as follows: (The date should be present on these ones exactly like the template.)

- Warp Tunnel
The Latest News
The Latest News





  • joeyhelson
    • 2年間前

    Do I upload all 31 thumbnails here?

    • 2年間前
  • StarlingStudio
    • 2年間前

    could you provide the Play font? I can play with that

    • 2年間前
    1. simonbudd
      • 2年間前

      • 2年間前
  • EltokhyTV
    • 2年間前

    can u chat me

    • 2年間前
    1. simonbudd
      • 2年間前

      Hi there, it won't let me message you.

      • 2年間前



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