Create a simple bootstrap website.

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I am a developer creating a website for a client. I am using the Unify bootstrap template: [url removed, login to view] I can supply this template if needed - you don't have to use it, but I would prefer that you did. The website will be used to store drone footage from drones flown around cell towers as well as other documents pertaining to the tower. Here is an example of some footage: [url removed, login to view]

For background information, a logged in user will be presented with a map containing markers of cell tower sites (see the file [url removed, login to view]). When they click on a marker, they will be presented with a popup window of the media available (video and other documents) pertaining to that cell tower (see [url removed, login to view]). I can provide other map samples if you have some ideas on how best to incorporate this information (the enclosed map samples are ones I just doctored up so I could provide something for you to see).

What I need is a website using a bootstrap template (preferably Unify) that consists of a main page, a login page, and a contact us page. It must display the client logo (one-source- [url removed, login to view]) in the header. You can modify this image if necessary. The main page must use the enclosed backgroundvideo file. It must also display the [url removed, login to view] file as well as the two map files. The main page must have the text displayed on the page similar to what is displayed in my feeble attempt at coming up with a home page ([url removed, login to view]). I will need to be able to change this text so please do not create it as an image. The one important piece is that I want the user accessing the site to be made aware that the video, [url removed, login to view], and the map jpgs exists - all from the main page. For example, if the video is used as the background of the main page, I don't want the user to have to know they have to scroll down to see the aerialiamge file and the map files. An idea would be to display some kind of transition from the video to the aerialimagery file to the map files on the main page. Another idea would be to start off with the aerialimage as the background, with the maps and video in a slider on the main page. Clicking on one of the items would switch the main content with the content of the clicked item.

I need the ability to add easily new images and/or videos to the content displayed on the main page. For example, the client may want the main page to show both the background video as well as the video from the youtube link presented above.

I need the text shown on my sample screen displayed regardless of the background content.

The register page needs to prompt for first and last name, password, company name, phone number and email address.

The login page and register page don't need to do anything -- I will wire up the back end code to handle the form submission.

Feel free to ask me questions if you would like additional information.

Since I always get a ton of automated replies, and so that I know you've read the requirements, please respond with the answer to "2+2"




“Daniel was a great person to work with. He communicated clearly and delivered what was requested on time. I would definitely hire him again.”

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  • narendragautam
    • 1年前

    Hi, Let me know if this is still open to submit entry. thanks

    • 1年前
  • kuafu
    • 1年前

    4, can you please provide the template?

    • 1年前
    1. thecedi0
      • 1年前

      4, yeah, where is the template?

      • 1年前
  • SherryMalik786
    • 1年前

    Is this a single page website and do you need a functional website as the final deliverable?

    • 1年前


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