Create a Logo for an Online Jewelry Business

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- The logo is for an online hand-made jewelry business. The jewelry is for both men and women.

- The company name will be G22, with a capital G and no space or hyphen in between G and 22.

- I would like the icon to be the shape or the outline of a bear, I have included a picture of the outline that I'd like. It doesn't have to be exactly the same as the one in the photo, but please don't make it the same as existing well-known brands, such as the logo for "Tous".

- I don't want too much details/features (eyes, nose, mouth) within the bear, preferably just the outline or the shape of the bear, unless the features are simple and matches the overall design.

- I do not want the majority of the logo to be in the following colors: yellow, orange, green, red, brown

- I hope to have a logo that looks:
- Trendy/Modern/Futuristic-looking
- Not too fancy
- Easy to remember
- Eye-catching
- Shows both the logo and G22




“Love the logo design from Natacha. It matched all my stated requirements. Would love to work with Natacha again in the future!”

プロフィール画像 ginali, Canada.






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