Create a Graphic for Twitch (Nick E Noodle)

  • ステータス: Open
  • 賞金: $20
  • 受け取ったエントリー: 2


Howdy! I'm going to be starting on twitch here soon and I want to start off strong. I'm looking for a logo that could be implemented into a lot of different aspects. Possibly more so whoever wins, may have future jobs in the future.

The style of this is pretty simple. I want noodles as a font. Not just any old font that you can find on dafont, I want something original that I could possibly animate. Any noodle will work but obviously the spaghetti will be the easiest.

I want something that will attract people.

For this assignment, I am looking for a banner template and profile just to give you guys optimal room to create. The size is 1920x480 and 480x480. Lets see your creativity!





  • FabledThings
    • 6日前

    Hey there, just a quick question - do you want the word Noodles written out, or did you want Nick E Noodles written out in a font that looks like noodles?

    • 6日前
    1. NickENoodle
      • 3日前

      The word Noodle is written out. The whole thing would be look like its been made out of noodles/noodle

      • 3日前


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