Cost-effective way for high capacity telecommunication

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We would like you to develop a practical concept for high capacity data transmission.
The goal is to connect 2 cities (point to point) point A has access to very high speed internet, and we want to connect it to point B. the 2 points are separated by sea water... The distance is around 400km (250miles).
The total capacity (bandwidth) of the link should be in excesses of 1TB/s.
We are open to any concept or idea... the goal is to connect 1 points with high bandwidth capability in a cost effective way. You may use currently available technologies/concepts, or come up with a new concept that is doable and should work in paper. You may use fiber optics cables, or drones/laser, or any other idea/concept that would work.
You need to provide a full concept (in paper) and then we will build and test the concept, or we may hire the winner to build the prototype and test it. you will need to provide us with correct calculations, and total cost to make this happen, so not to discourage innovative minds.
Please let us know of any doubts or questions you may have in the comments section.





  • clettah
    • 4日前

    Hi, where are the two cities located? it would help in cost calculation or does one use any country?

    • 4日前
    1. clettah
      • 1日前

      one more question the link is mainly for voice data or video?

      • 1日前
    2. IBHARCompany
      • 1日前

      The link is for connecting city A with high speed internet coming from city B.

      • 1日前


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