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*** Please read this in its entirety*** I will NOT answer questions that were already addressed here.

Hello, I am starting the content writing portion of my books editing process and i am looking for the right person and fit to help with my book. I can tell you initially what I believe I need. I write okay, but I need it to read great. I trip over redundancy more than anything else, but I also find that it is important to me that my book has a consistent millennial voice to it. This being said I really want someone who can take my book in that direction, make it palatable on many levels. This may mean that paragraphs need to be re-written or changed entirely. All of which I am willing to consider, just as long as the meaning of what I want to say is not changed.
The Contest

1) For this particular contest, I have uploaded two chapters of my first book. Please take these two chapters and make me sound great. Change paragraphs, throw out redundancies as you see fit. I am really looking to see how you can make these two chapters sound better than they already are.
2) Please Do NOT enter this contest if you do not have time to edit a full book after this contest ends. I need someone who has the time and content editing skill I need to make my entire book sound consistent and palatable.
3) Please Do NOT enter this contest if you are JUST and editor, I am looking for a content writer, aka a ghost write.
4) I am NOT looking to have the book edited at this time. Feel free to edit whatever portion of these chapters you need to accomplish the overall goal of content writing. However, if you just grammatically edit the chapters your submission will NOT be considered.
5) The contest is guaranteed, and sealed for your privacy but please don't delay your submission if your wish the enter the contest. I am highly motivated to find the person I need to start this process so I may not wait the entire 15 days if a submission comes in that I really really like.

Have fun and I look forward to your submissions.



“Very professional and spirited in her work. I'll definitely be coming back for more rewrites. ”

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