CanSummit - Develop a Corporate Identity

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Contest Name: CanSummit - Develop a Corporate Identity

Brand Name: CanSummit Canadian Medical Devices Consulting
Note: A 'TM' symbol needs to be inserted right after the word 'CanSummit'

Slogan: Scale the Summit of Canadian Medical Devices Market

Brand Name Background:
In the brand name of CanSummit Canadian Medical Devices Consulting, there are 3 distinct concepts:
1) Can = Canada
2) Summit = Top of the mountain
3) Medical Devices
A strong logo would incorporate the above concepts in unique and interesting ways

Contest Deliverables:
• Logo design and files
• Logo + slogan design and files
• Microsoft Powerpoint Template branded with the logo and slogan
• Letter Head
• Business Card design and files
• E-mail signature with logo and slogan
All deliverables must be provided in high, medium, and low resolution files for large format, printing, desktop, and web publishing applications

Deliverable File formats:
• AI
• Photoshop file
• Vector files

Business Description:
CanSummit Canadian Medical Devices Consulting provides consulting and professional services in the areas of strategy, marketing, sales, product design, and regulatory affairs to international and Canadian medical device firms planning to enter or expand in the Canadian medical devices market.

Please see attached contest description document



“It was excellent working with Susana on the CanSummit corporate identity project! She was creative, dedicated, and responsive to client input and requirements throughout the process. It would be pleasure to work with her again! ”

プロフィール画像 TheCapentGroup, Canada.




  • imranstyle13
    • 1年前

    working under process send you soon

    • 1年前


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