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I am an education specialist and wish to introduce “complex thinking” strategies to teachers in schools. For this purpose, I have bought a domain that I have named [login to view URL] and am looking for a web designer and developer with good UX experience to help me design and develop this site.

Important points to note are:

1. I have attached 2 pdf files: Page by page mockup and page by page description. They are to be read together.
2. The website will have 7 pages in all.
3. This site mainly addresses the French schoolteacher community and hence will be in French. But at a later stage I would like to have the site available also in English.
4. In the meanwhile, I would like to have the admin Id and possibility of changing the texts or images. These eventual changes should be easy to accomplish and would also like to be trained on how to do that.
5. As for background images, I have identified a few. Other suggestions are welcome.
6. This is a low budget project and so in short I am looking for a well designed and user friendly website but not necessarily the latest available features however tempting they may be.
7. To the extent of my knowledge with website making, I have tried to exclude several features that I am told are expensive. But if there remain expensive items/features in what has been proposed, I’d like to be enlightened on those costs so that I can choose to either keep them or drop them. In the attached description of my future website I have highlighted in green some questions that come to mind but there may be other features, which have cheaper or more efficient options that I am not aware of. If so would like to be advised.
8. I’d like this work done within 1 month.
9. Lastly, once the website is ready, I’d like to share it for a brainstorming session with teacher colleagues and take their feedback. I’d like my contract with the web developer to incorporate any minor changes that may need to be effected following this brainstorming.





  • pimparesheela
    • 12ヶ月前

    Thank you all for your proposals. Best to you.

    • 12ヶ月前
  • pimparesheela
    • 12ヶ月前

    Hello this contest is closed since I've already awarded the job to one entry.

    • 12ヶ月前
  • saidesigner87
    • 1年前

    working please wait.

    • 1年前
  • Baljeetsingh8551
    • 1年前

    i am working on it

    • 1年前
  • MadaSociety
    • 1年前

    Computer science and web programming have been my world of thought for over 8 years.
    Hard worker, my passion sharpened by my desire to exceed all limits make me your ideal CANDIDATE.

    I offer you a simple and fast website with the best design, and even with PWA technology !!
    If you are interested in my proposal, I remain at your disposal for any other information. Thank you.

    Best regards.

    • 1年前



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