Bash script, full disk warning by mail

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  • 賞金: $20
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  • 優勝者: e73kiel


About Footway
Footway is a web-based platform for shoes that enables customers and manufacturers to meet. We want to make trends and collective knowledge visible to make the production of quality products even better. We believe the customers' values in quality, price and environment will be crucial for future products in fashion.

About the project
We use Linux servers where the disks sometimes get full. We want an early warning before it happens. We want a Bash script that sends a warning mail when any attached volume uses more than 80% of available space.

The script is sent as a message and post a screenshot of the script on freelancer so we know you have completed the task.

The warning mail is sent to an email adress
The warning main subject is “Disk almost full on $server”
The warning mail content is “Disk almost full on $server”
$server above is the actual server name

For the best solution we will award 20 USD. We will evaluate this task continuously and may select a winner before the closing date.

What we don’t want
We will reject any entries telling us you're working on the project.

We have very limited capacity to answer questions or give individual feedback during the project, instead we will give collective feedback - this will then hopefully help you get a better understanding of what we are looking for.



“It was great”

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