Logo for a travel app "Flock"

  • ステータス: Closed
  • 賞金: $50
  • 受け取ったエントリー: 204
  • 優勝者: bojan1337


We are creating an app-based community of solo travelers, where one can find, meet, and travel with like-minded travelers (hence "Flock"). We need a BOLD, CONFIDENT, and DARING logo that clearly shouts COMMUNITY, evoking a sense of belonging for solo travelers worldwide.

- Needs to cut through the clutter (DISTINCTIVE) but be SIMPLE enough to be understood in just one glance!
- No restrictions on colors/icons/logos
- Bring the concept "Birds of a feather, FLOCK together" to life! (Birds are NOT MANDATORY)
- Tagline is "Never Alone, Always Along" - NOT MANDATORY to integrate
- if you do decide to have a a bird icon, please ensure that there is a logic between the logo and the word "FLOCK". You can't just have 1 bird with the word. The word itself means a group of birds. :)

Current logo attached for reference - TOO BORING FOR US! If your entry is similar to our current logo, I will likely reject!
We want DISTINCT yet SIMPLE entries. Go forth and IMPRESS to WIN!



“Jordanov won the contest and delivered a very compelling logo design. Very happy with this work. :)”

プロフィール画像 Ankittguptta, Singapore.






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