Lambs Landing

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We very badly need a mascot logo for Lambs Landing. Which is a colonial cottage in the Lake Erie tradition, of a Ship Captains home. It is a vacation destination home.
We do not want a logo that is busy, just simple, clean, and classy.
Layout -
TOP: Lambs Landing - not certain what font, but nothing heavy handed or squared off.
MIDDLE: Drawing of a young lamb standing at the end of a landing (pier) facing out toward the water. Lamb has a slight pleasant smile (not goofy, not cartoonish, and not kindergarden book type), not a stern or a sly smile, but a friendly/kindly looking smile.
Landing (pier) has perhaps a couple of cattails on either side of it.
BOTTOM: - EST. 2018 -
I envision this logo inside an oval shape.
Black on white or transparency.
We want to use this on letterhead, promo cards, labels, black on clear/transparent. We also want a logo that can be etched into glass and metal. So that when it is reduced it will still stand up to resizing. Also perhaps going to burn the logo into wood for an entry sign.
I have uploaded some sample photos of style/type of Lambs we like, but of course we do not want these exact lambs, we want our own personalized lamb drawing/logo. I have included a photo of the front of the cottage so that you can get a nuance of what it is that we are wanting to promote. If you have any questions whatsoever, please let me know. - Laura Lamb





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