Design 6 pouch bags for AT products

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  • 優勝者: ahmedmoustfa


Design 6 stand-up pouch bags with hangers for 5 products. This is strictly for experts with PACKING DESIGN experience.
Every pouch bag will carry 200 grams of the individually wrapped products.
Brand name: Arabian Treasures
We are a local dates production company selling natures candy coated in fine Swiss chocolate with a variety of stuffings.
Draw inspiration for colours of each pouch from the already approved wrapper designs. The product is for distribution among the mass market in the UAE. We require 6 contemporary designs (we dont mind adding some Arabic influence like Arabic lanterns or other influences) of stand-up pouches with hangers.

Keylines attached in images below.

1st design- Milk chocolate coated dates with almond center(Image 1)

2nd design- Milk chocolate coated dates with pistachio center (Image 2)

3rd design- Milk chocolate coated dates with coconut center (Image 3)

4th design- Dark chocolate coated dates with almond center. (Image 4)

5th design- White chocolate coated dates with an almond centre (Image 5)

6th design- A pouch bag design that will carry an assortment of all the above varieties (Milk chocolate w/ almond, w/ pistachio, w/ coconut, dark chocolate and white chocolate.)

If your work is chosen and we really love your work we will give you more jobs to do as a separate job. Additional text that needs to be included on the back cover of the pouch will be provided once designs are approved.



“Ahmed's a thorough professional. Was a breeze working with him and getting through all the changes we needed in our project. Would highly recommend him for any designing project.”

プロフィール画像 tgit, United Arab Emirates.




  • mohamedgamalz
    • 8ヶ月前


    • 8ヶ月前
  • lookandfeel2015
    • 8ヶ月前


    • 8ヶ月前
  • ahmedmoustfa
    • 8ヶ月前

    Please check #29

    • 8ヶ月前
  • mohamedelrediny
    • 8ヶ月前


    • 8ヶ月前
  • tgit
    • 9ヶ月前

    Hi Ahsan, we don't have a demo design in hand yet but you can check out the images for a Google search on "chocolate pouch bags" for some inspiration.

    • 9ヶ月前
    1. Ahsanhabibafsari
      • 9ヶ月前

      Can you pick any bag from google which you like? it will help me to understand your expectation. Thank you sir

      • 9ヶ月前
  • Ahsanhabibafsari
    • 9ヶ月前

    Hello, sir can you show some demo bags for me. thanks

    • 9ヶ月前



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