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We have a small concrete tiled area we would like to place a fire & outdoor furniture on, possibly build a frame around it (posts & beams - or could do a pergola), perhaps with festoon lighting. We don't want to spend a lot of $ on it as we will only live here for another approx 3 years. So don't worry about fancy waterfalls or expensive landscaping. We have purchased the fire which is relocatable - see attached pictures of fire. (Note: the fire is finished in white quartz with a silver (not copper as per picture) insert in the mantelpiece and a flat chimney cap.) Would like ideas on what outdoor furniture will look good with the fire, and ideas of a frame or pergola. Had thought timber framing. We are open minded to fresh ideas so feel free to play around with any suggestions. Ideally want to seat as many people as possible for entertaining. We would like to seat 10 people. Our house is scandinavian style so dont want too far away from that style. Pictures show the current area we are wanting to do up. Concrete tiled area is 3.7m long x 3.3m wide. It faces North, the fence is on the West side. There is an outdoor electrical plug on the fence in the corner (previous owners had a spa installed). Feel free to ask any questions!





  • arqfernandezr
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  • shaima2elfkhrany
    • 1日前

    Hello, I could do this as a project but need more discussion about your needs
    Check my latest work for a similar project I have done here
    My work

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  • azeemkiyani786
    • 1日前

    #increaseprize 200$

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